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Adult training


PRICES –  PAY AS YOU GO CASH - £5 Per class or £8 for a night (2 Classes). You can pay £50 CASH per Calender Month or pay £40 per month by Standing Order Bank Paymant.


OUR PREFERED METHOD OF PAYMENT - £40 per Calendar month by Standing Order = Unlimited training. (Alternatively you can pay £50 in CASH per Calendar month or CASH £5 per class or £8 per night pay as you go.) There is no contract or tie in with the Standing Order, you can cancel it anytime you want to. This is the way we would prefer you to pay wherever possible, it helps us massively with administration and management.

LIABILITY – Compulsory Member to Member Liability costs £20 per year.
This is an annual cost for your liability cover for everyone’s protection.

EQUIPMENT – It is essential that you have the following equipment to train in MMA and Combat Sambo. You dont need to have it for your first class but will need it going forward.
Gumshield – Groinguard – MMA Sparring Gloves 6-8 oz – MMA Shin & Instep pads - Boxing Gloves 14-16oz.

ATTIRE - MMA Shorts or similar (No zips, pockets, buttons etc.), T-Shirt, Vest or Rashguard, (Hoodie optional)

For Combat and Sport Sambo then a jacket is needed. A Judo or BJJ one would be ok, Sambo Jacket (Khurkta) if possible.

ETIQUETTE – It is essential that you take good care of your personal hygiene when training with others. Finger and toenails must be kept short and no hair gel. Training clothes must be kept clean and washed, training equipment must be cleaned regularly with antibacterial solution. Respect for others is paramount in every way, bad behaviour or bullying will not be tolerated.

CLASSES – Full timetable is on a separate page under the heading Timetable. In addition to regular classes we offer private/personal training in MMA or any area of MMA including Striking, Wrestling, Groundwork and Submissions as well as MMA Fitness. Please ask for more information on costs and availability for one to ones, pairs or group bookings.

COACHES – All our Coaches are fully qualified and experienced, insured and DBS (CRB) checked. All have relevant practical MMA skills and all have fought competitively in MMA, some also in K1 and Grappling events. All are friendly, approachable and want to help you achieve your full potential in training.

PERSONAL GOALS – Your personal goals are just that, they are personal to you. It might be that you want recreational training as a means to learning new skills or to improve your fitness and wellbeing. It might be to help you build confidence or as a social activity. It might also be to train and progress to competing in MMA or K1 or Grappling events. Whatever your goals we welcome you and will do our very best to help you achieve them.

FIGHT TEAM – We have the "Allegiance Fight Team" or "Team Allegiance" as we are often called. The Team are currently active in MMA, K1, Boxing and Grappling events, several of the Team are British Champions with Titles and Belts. Allegiance MMA is also home to the "Yorkshire Sambo" club who train and compete in Combat Sambo, Sport Sambo and Combat Wrestling. We want to build on the Team we have and develop it further with novice fighters we can help progress, as well as people who may be coming to us with previous fight experience, we would be very happy for you to join us and our Fight Team.


GRADINGS - Gradings for belts are available in our Combat Jujitsu classes. Gradings cost £25 each upuntil and including Brown Belt.

Black Belt 1st Dan Grading costs £100.