YORKSHIRE SAMBO CLUB operates from and in conjunction with Allegiance MMA. They are seperate entities but work very well alongside each other. Many members train in classes in both Allegiance MMA and in Yorkshire Sambo.


Sambo is a Russian Combat Sport, there is a version similar to Judo, Sport Sambo (Jacket Wrestling) and a version similar to MMA, Combat Sambo (Striking & Grappling combined wearing Jacket). We also teach Combat Wrestling which is a Submission Wrestling style (NoGi/Non Jacket) also known as Japanese Wrestling. As well as those we teach Combat Jujistu (Japanes based wearing a GI) which is a Self Defence based style.


Yorkshire Sambo Club and its students are recognised and registered with FORMAUK who are with the British Sambo Federation who are in turn linked to FIAS, the International Sambo Governing Body. All our Coaches are very well qualified, expereinced, DBS checked and insured. and have Competition experience, Coaching Certificates and some have Black Belts in several styles. We also have a former Combat Sambo British Champion training and assisting with Coaching.


Yorkshire Sambo offers classes in Sport Sambo, Combat Sambo, Combat Wrestling and Combat Jujitsu. Class times are on the main Allegiance Timetable page. We have classes which are suitable for Adults, Teens and Juniors.


We welcome new members for general training who want to learn new skills, develop fitness and just enjoy their training as well as those with relevant expereince who might be interested in joining our Competiton Team for either or Combat Sambo and Sport Sambo and also Combat Wrestling.


Contact us on 07889245049 or email neilhall2010@hotmail.co.uk


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